Welcome to My New Website

While I loved my old website, which I designed and built myself using Microsoft Frontpage and Dreamweaver in the early days of the interwebs, it was getting really arduous to update due to the Pleistocene-era software I was using.  So welcome to my brand new website, which runs on WordPress, and was designed and built by the fabulous Josh McCall.

My best new news (besides my website) is that my next book, Copia, is due out in fall 2014 from BOA Editions!  I’m thrilled to be joining the BOA family, and I’m excited to hit the road again for readings.  I love to do readings and craft talks, so please email me if you want me to come visit!

Some neato odds & ends–the VQR tumblr has a photo-version of my poem “1944” from Ideal Cities.  Also, along with some of my favorite other Jewish poets, I have some poems in the fresh-off-the-presses Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry; and I’ve got two brand new poems in HEArt: human equity through art.

And if you’ve come here looking for my (in)famous post-MFA resources handout, I’ve moved it to a Tumblr.